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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives have become essential and viable activities of corporations because of the on-going increase in concerns, awareness and interest for environmental, social, and governance issues. The exploitation and depletion of natural resources and consequential alterations in climatic circumstances is also impacting the ecosystem at a rate that we as global citizens cannot ignore. This situation have compelled corporate entities to review their roles and responsibilities in resource depletion and take a more active role on conservation related matters. In view of this PMC have also recently given more focus on sustainability and governance by incorporating ESG as an important overall company objective.

Reducing carbon footprints and Community giving.

Putra Medical Centre has over the years been actively involved in numerous Community engagement, for it is one of the key principles of our corporate
social responsibility (CSR), alongside the concerns for our community, the marketplace and our employee’s. In such compassionate quest we endeavour
to achieve a holistic e
ffect by implementing effective community programmes and simultaneously addressing environmental friendly issues. Even our Carpark has been installed with Solar PV panels, in keeping with global policies of generating environment friendly energy.

Listed are just some of our objectives for CSR related programmes :

Reducing carbon footprints.
Participating in fairtrade.
Educating the community.
Charitable community giving.

PMC Goes Green!

PMC and its staff including the Board Members have embraced various green related initiatives. Recycling boxes have also been placed in every department to segregate disposal materials, planting green plants and many other activities to support our Go Green concept. Our Board Members and staff are the main drivers for Go Green, and often have their lunch brought in using traditional tiffin carrier and home utensils, to help reduce the usage of plastics and styrofoam.

    Albukhary International University ( AIU )

    18th. August 2022

    Putra Medical Centre organised and extended this exclusive community service to revered the Albukhary International University. Medical screening, Physiotherapy advice and Diet Consultation were given to all the lecturers and students of the university.

      No of Attendees: 145

      TNB Alor Star

      9th. August 2022

      Putra Medical Centre organised another exclusive community service to revered the fellow staff and management of TNB Alor Setar. In this outing Medical screening, Physiotherapy advice and Diet Consultation were given to all personnel of TNB Alor Star.

        No of Attendees: 122

        Fuji Electronic

        23rd. November 2022

        Our Kulim visited Fuji Electronic at their plant in the Kulim Hi-Tech Park for this community service project. In addition to Medical screening and Physiotherapy consultation we also had a session specifically on Ergonomics and its effects in the modern era professional environment.

          No of Attendees: 57

          SJK Sg Lembu

          28th. September 2022

          The PMC Team went to Bukit Mertajam SJK(C) Sungei Lembu for this community project, which also saw the participation of our esteem colleagues from the Kulim PMC Team. Overall, teachers and students were given Medical screening and Diet Consultation. In addition, there was also a session by our Dental Specialists on the importance and fundamentals of Oral Hygiene, and the correct methods of daily brushing.

            No of Attendees: 217 (including student)

            Imigresen Anak Bukit

            10th. January 2023

            Our community service was for the Immigration Department at Anak Bukit, and this also include participation by the Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah Blood donation team. Personnel of the Immigration Department were given Medical screening, Physiotheraphy advice and other general medical consultation.

              No of Attendees: 88

              Amal Bakti

              4th. February 2023

              For this community project our PMC went all the way to Tokong Sayur in Jalan Gangsa. We collaborated with the World Noble Organisation and provided Medical screening, Physiotherapy advice and Diet Consultation to the attendees.

                No of Attendees: 111