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… why Putra Medical Centre

Putra Medical Centre – PMC’s origins can be traced back to 1991 when our pioneering founders Dato’ Dr. Lim Kim Huat (“Dato Dr. Lim”), and Yu Ching Hsiu acquired “Unique Luxury,” a private limited company, with the intention to venture into the operations of a medical centre. At the time, Dato Dr. Lim was already with 17 years of experience as a medical doctor, including running his own private clinic, Pusat Lim and Yu, for 4 years. The private clinic was previously located on 20B Jalan Pintu Sepuluh, Kampung Lubok Peringgi, 05100 Alor Setar, Kedah. Thus, the setting up of a medical centre was the next milestone in the journey of his blossoming medical career.

Dato Dr. Lim is a typical Northern native of Peninsula Malaysia. He was born and raised in Ayer Hitam, Kedah and had spent most of his childhood swimming in rivers catching catfish, herding animals, and diving chest deep into the paddy fields. His northern roots and being a son of this revered mainland state gave him the opportunity to understand and connect with the many races and cultures that make up this quaint royal state. Kedah of yesteryears was renowned as the ‘rice bowl’ of Malaysia and while it has an abundance of land and rich paddy fields, it had minimal modern amenities and barely any advanced medical expertise.

One day in his second year of university studies to become a medical doctor, Dato Dr. Lim received a telephone call from home. His mother was diagnosed with uterus cancer. Without second thought, he dropped all his plans and rushed home.

For the subsequent months, Dato Dr. Lim fetched his Mother, Chong Yeon, as she piggy backed on their little moped using the Old Roads of Ayer Hitam to Penang Island. Cutting through Alor Janggus, passing by Alor Setar and Simpang Empat, the Old Road was dimly lit and had stretches of unpaved section. Moped riders oftentimes had to ride onto the 2 feet allowance for freight lorries to pass. On your left, a river canal deeper than any man, on your right would have been lorries zipping past you at 70km/h only a few feet away – the journey would have been considered dangerous by today’s standards. However, they had no choice. Despite getting suspended from university, he continued his days working part time and accompanying his mother for her medical treatment – surgery and rounds of chemotherapy. All that travelling gave Dato Dr. Lim a lot of time to ponder about his future.

In later years, this personal experience actually inspired him to set up a medical centre on the mainland, so that advance medical treatment is made available to the people of Kedah, and all humble folks of the Northern states have access to modern medical facilities.

Dato Dr. Lim’s Mother travelled to Penang just to seek medical treatment , in later years this personal experience actually inspired him to build a medical centre here in Kedah

Our medical centre began operations with 2 medical officers, 8 resident specialist consultants, and 62 beds, offering accident and emergency services, as well as otorhinolaryngology, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, radiology, and orthopaedics specialist services. Today our team of consultants increased to 29 resident specialist consultants and 18 visiting specialist consultants.

Putra Medical Centre has been serving the local communities of Alor Setar and have over recent years grown to become one of the premier healthcare providers in Kedah and the Northern region of Peninsula Malaysia. Our medical consultants and specialists provide quality healthcare and treatment assisted by diligent nurses and allied healthcare professionals. Putra Medical Centre provides an extensive list of medical services and specialties including Anaesthesiology, Cardiology, Dental Service, Ophthalmology, Cataract Operation, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ENT Surgeries, General Surgery, Radiology, Physiotherapy, High Dependency Unit with Ventilator and more.

Our Vision

To be a leading healthcare service provider of choice with a passion for community.

Our Mission

PMC is committed to deliver quality healthcare services comprehensively and consistently through continuous development in human resources and updating of technology.

Our Values

PMC is committed and practice its work on the principles of Professionalism, Meticulous and Caring.

In addition to the advanced medical facilities what makes us special as a medical centre

is that we treat our patients with care, kindness and attention.

Patient’s Testimonial

Mira Ghazali

I delivered my second child here in 2021 through emergency cser. A very good experience for me despite all the eventful thing that occur as my child had fetal distress. Dr Kumar, the anaesthetist and labour room staff, ot staff are so efficient and know their roles. Everything happen so fast and smooth. In 6 minutes time after confirmed for emergency cser because deceleration of ctg, baby is out and crying. They do their job well there. The price is half from kmc. I am not someone who has high pain threshold, I went back thrice to Dr Kumar’s clinic and he attended to me all the time and escalate my pain killer at home. No charge for pre and post delivery clinic visit. We even plan for our next kids, we will still come to PMC again.

Ibnu Khalifah bin Ridzuwan al Halim

Pada pendapat saya, hospital swasta mampu milik utk rakyat Marhaen. Pernah bawak anak tgh malam sebab kena croup, jumpa dr dan ambil gas di kecemasan beserta ubat, dikenakan bayaran yg agak mampu bayar, maybe lebih murah daripada pergi ke klinik swasta pada waktu tgh malam. Juga pernah bawak isteri utk dapatkan konsultasi gynae, servis daripada Dato’ Dr Lim Tze Chou sangat professional dan terbaik!!

BL See

婦产科 Dr Lim Tze Chou 是我目前见过最斯文有礼,友善,专业而且又对病人很貼心的医生。感恩遇到如 此优秀的医生帮我做腹腔镜切除子宫和卵巢手术。手术用了大概3小时完成,一切顺顺利利,辛苦你了!

Daushh 26

Very good hospitality. Doctor did a very detailed check up for my child… ❤❤❤