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Health Packages & Health Screening

The dynamics of modern living of this era and the demands of contemporary lifestyle can take its toll on our health and wellbeing. Consequently, it has become important that we pay more attention to our health as we juggle with the demands of the situation. Putra Medical Centre, our teams of Medical Officers and Consultants across various healthcare specialities are here to help you manage potential health risks by providing specific screening programmes, personalised consultation and custom designed Health Packages and Screening.

Our Health Packages and Health Screening includes important mandatory Clinical Examinations, Vital Signs & Physical Examination, Blood Pressure Screening, Cancer Marker Screening, Thyroid Screening, Full Blood Count , Liver Function Test and many more, to help you manage symptoms such as ischemic heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and other diseases.

Detailed information about our various health packages and health screening are listed as follows:

Cancer Marker Screening (Male)
Cancer Marker Screening (Female)
New Born Delivery Package
Vaccination Package
Post-Natal Care Package
Nursing Care Package
Baby Care Package
Post-operative + Physiotheraphy Package
Pakej Pra-Universiti
Pakej Berkhatan
Teeth Whitening Package
Mammogram package
Post Covid Screening
Ogds + Colonoscopy package
Thyroid Package
Typhoid Vaccine Injection
Pakej Sihat Walafiat