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Job Purpose:-

  • The nursing manager’s role is to work within the community of PMC and lead the organization structure to assure that the PMC program is implemented in accordance with established guidelines. The nursing manager is using principles of supervision, reflective practice, and staff development to provide primary support and appropriate oversight to the nursing supervisor, clinical instructor, staff nurse, ward assistants, and attendants.


  1. Knowledge of team-making management practices.
  2. Knowledge of nursing principles, practices, and techniques.
  3. Plans and conducts lectures for staff on various medical topics.
  4. To withhold private and confidential information about the nursing profession, patients’ information, and the health care profession, including company information and data.
  5. Monitored staff absenteeism and addressed it appropriately and effectively to support the staff member and the team.
  6. Monitor individual practice to ensure it complies with the Nursing Board and KKM requirements of competencies and indicators. All staff receive an annual appraisal and participate in personal development and progression.
  7. Schedule an audit to monitor practice performance and communication results so that staff are re-motivated to attain a high standard of practice outcomes.
  8. Aims towards zero incidents and complaints, but where these arise, manages and investigates them in a timely manner, implementing corrective actions.
  9. Develops and implements plans for the direction and supervision of nursing services and for the improvement of existing methods in the care and treatment of the patient.
  10. Reviews and revises current nursing policies and procedures to improve the quality and quantity of service provided.
  11. Contribute and maintain, where required, data collection for statistical purposes and collate, where required, departmental data for presentation to the organizational group.
  12. To carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Nursing Director during her absence and to work on the MOD rotation schedule during weekends and gazette public holidays.
  13. Comply with OSHA policies and procedures and other regulations, rules, or laws set by the authority.
  14. Undertakes on-going learning that is in-service, self-learning, study day, and postgraduate learning.
  15. Attend mandatory education on an annual basis, including fire and evacuation, BLS, ACLS, and infection control.
  16. To support and assist the nursing director in making the most effective and efficient use of staff, supplies, and services.
  17. To assure nursing supervisors, emphasize staff on checking and endorsing all dangerous drugs (DD) and psychotropic drugs in every shift.

Qualification & Skill:-

  1. Diploma or Degree in Nursing.
    Registered with Malaysia Nursing Board.
  2. Preferably Post-Basic / privilege granted.
  3. Preferably Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life
  4. Support (ACLS) holders.