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Job Purpose:-

  • Provide continuing responsibility for the management and leadership of a designated area through effective utilization of staff and resources.


  1. To work on shift duties. Acts on behalf of the Nursing Manager in setting standards and expectations for the quality of patient care.
  2. Take responsibility for the initial informal management of sickness, absence, and discipline. Ensuring all departmental and company policies and guidelines are adhered to.
  3. To manage the daily ward routine, ensuring effective time management.
  4. Define levels of responsibility and role boundaries for junior staff, providing adequate opportunities for them to develop their roles.
  5. To initiate and take responsibility for the reporting of critical incidents and complaints, ensuring action is taken and the process is communicated appropriately in conjunction with the nursing manager and/or nursing director.
  6. The nursing supervisor is required to familiarize themselves with health, safety, and fire regulations and the accident notification system while taking all possible steps to safeguard the health and welfare of staff, patients, and colleagues during working hours.
  7. The nursing supervisor should be aware of the need to preserve strict confidentiality in dealing with patients and should not disclose information obtained in confidence except to authorized persons or organizations as instructed.
  8. Assist in administrative duties as directed and help with the maintenance of records and statistics.
  9. Assist in the establishment and maintenance of procedures, policies, and standards.
  10. Assist in the supervision of personnel and departments to provide optimum assurance of a safe environment.
  11. Check wards, materials, and equipment for proper care and handling.
  12. Ensure a clean, safe environment through continued alertness to safety, explosive hazards, and aseptic techniques.
  13. Coordinate with the supply department to maintain ambitious standards and quality in the materials used.

Qualification & Skill:-

  1. Diploma or Degree in Nursing.
  2. Registered with Malaysia Nursing Board.
  3. Preferably Post-Basic / privilege granted.
  4. Preferably Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) holders.